About the Initiative

The Montana Family Foundation, a nefarious anti LGBTQ hate group based in Montana, is attempting to change Montana law to permit discrimination against transgender people via a ballot initiative called I-183. I-183 would force people to use public accommodations like restrooms and locker rooms that align with the gender on their original birth certificate instead of the gender by which they live and identify. I-183 would 1) make work, school, and recreation unsafe for transgender Montanans; 2) put local government and state agencies at risk of expensive, unnecessary lawsuits; and 3) fail to further protect anyone from assault or rape, as these things are already illegal in Montana. I-183 would also jeopardize your privacy by forcing you to prove your gender to anyone who requests to see your paperwork before you enter a public facility.

The Montana Family Foundation previously introduced similar legislation during the 2017 legislative session. In a bipartisan effort, your elected officials defeated the measure in committee, deeming it inappropriate to enshrine discrimination into the Montana Constitution.

These are not our values. Everyone should be able to use public facilities with safety and privacy, and no one wants to drain local governments of precious dollars to enact needless laws.

What can you do? Click here and pledge to oppose the 1-183 ballot initiative, then share the link with your family and friends. After you’ve pledged, click here to volunteer in your community and spread the word across the state. If you are able, please check back here soon to donate and help fight this costly battle. Even a small donation helps keep Montana safe, fair, and sensible for everyone.

For more information on the ACLU of Montana’s incredible work to fight this initiative in court, click here. Click the following link for a recent editorial from the Missoulian.

The fight against I-183 is led by Free and Fair Montana, a diverse coalition of organizations representing trans Montanans and their allies, working to advance the dignity and safety of all Montanans.