For Allies

Thank you for checking out Free and Fair Montana and taking the first steps to becoming a powerful ally for trans and non-binary people. We need your support and assistance to attain social and legal equality right here in Montana. If you are new to this topic, please start by watching the “Trans 101- The Basics” video below. For more in-depth readings, projects, and organizations, check out the Trans Student Educational Resources list of resources.

How to Have Productive and Kind Conversations

As an ally, it is important to understand how to talk about this issue in a productive and respectful way. Please check out this guide from the Movement Advancement Project to learn more about addressing trans and non-binary people’s access to public facilities.

How to Get Involved in the Movement for Equality

Please check out our Volunteer Page for specific opportunities in your community. Please also sign our pledge to oppose I-183, follow our work on social media, and share our content with your audience. Lastly, please consider donating or writing a Letter to the Editor in opposition to I-183.