For Allies

Learn what it means to be an ally, and how to be a better ally. We are all constantly learning better ways to lift up and support our trans friends and family and there are a lot of great online resources to help us learn! The best resources come from the trans community themselves, like at this article on “11 Ways To Be A Trans* Ally, According To Transgender People Themselves” or this resource from the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Know the issues: From pronouns and names, to definitions, and experiences – there are a lot of really good online resources that talk about what it means to be trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex, including this resource at Trans People Speak, or the videos embedded below. There’s lots to learn about being an ally!


Know how to talk about the issue: A really effective way to talk about equal access to public facilities is to  read this amazing guide from the Movement Advancement Project, and follow their tips for talking about bathrooms and our trans family and friends. You can also click here to see a comprehensive timeline of Trans access laws.

Social Media: Initiatives like this put a lot of stress on the transgender community. Being mindful of what you post and how you talking about these issues can have a positive impact on people directly affected by this initiative and signature collecting process. The idea is to create a space on social media where people impacted by this initiative can have their voices heard, know that they are supported, and still be able to get some refuge from the topic.

1) Limit your number of posts. Facebook and twitter are great tools to connect with people and inspire change. We recommend reposting news stories on this issue to once or twice a week. Limiting the number of times you post about an issue that impacts a community like this allows for those people to still use Facebook as a tool to connect with people allows them space to decompress and talk about other things that are important to them, like cat videos…
2) Make sure your posts are positive. We want to lift up the trans community, not make them feel like they are constantly under attack. We recommend posts that say things like, “Let’s support our trans, gender nonconforming, and intersex community members. We need to make sure everyone has equal access to public spaces” rather than posting “I’m angry this is happening in our community. We need to stop this.”
3) Add an awesome and supportive frame to your profile picture.
4) Share suicide hotline numbers and reach out to members of the community that may be isolated. Send a message that shows someone you care, but doesn’t necessarily bring up the issue. “Hey, I was thinking of you today. How are you doing?”

Give Your Time to the Work: Sign up to volunteer, write a letter-to-the-editor, or help spread the word in your town.