For Trans and Non-Binary People

A major goal of Free and Fair Montana’s “No on I-183” Campaign is to empower and uplift transgender, non-binary, and intersex Montanans. For you, we have compiled a list of resources to help you live your most authentic life, achieve legal and social equality, discover affirming and knowledgeable health care, and find local support.

Emergency Assistance

We recognize that being trans or non-binary can, at times, make you feel like alone or like no one understands or accepts you. If you are suicidal, experiencing homelessness, or in danger, call:

  • Your local emergency services: 911
  • Trans Lifeline, a trans suicide prevention hotline run and organized by trans people: 877-565-8860
  • The Trevor Project, a crisis center for LGBTQ youth: 866-488-7386
  • Crisis Textline: text “MT” to 741 741

There is a bright and wonderful future for you, and we, your transgender and non-binary siblings and allies, need you to be here to be part of the incredible world that’s upon us.

Local Support, Education, and Health Care

Montana has a large, active, and vibrant trans and non-binary community with which to connect to discussion being trans or non-binary, how to educate yourself, and how and where to access affirming health care. Please contact Shawn of the Montana Gender Alliance at for more information.

Become an Advocate for Other Trans and Non-Binary Montanans

Your participation in Free and Fair Montana’s efforts to combat I-183 could be a crucial aspect of our success as a trans and non-binary community. There are lots of ways to get involved, both visibily and behind-the-scenes. Please add your name to our [Volunteer page] to get involved in defending your rights!