Free & Fair Montana

Free and Fair Montana is a coalition of organizations that seek to protect the human rights of transgender and non-binary Montanans by opposing I-183, an anti-trans ballot measure. I-183 is a unique attempt to enshrine discrimination into our state Constitution and we need your help, voice on social media, and financial support to combat this effort.


I-183 is DEFEATED! Thank you everyone for your hard work and support these past several months. It is because of you that we have prevented this discriminatory initiative from reaching the ballot. Montanans have made clear their support for their transgender and non-binary neighbors.

“Today we are celebrating. Our commitment to trans and non-binary Montanans is unwavering and we will continue showing up to defend against attacks on the dignity and privacy of our family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers,” said Shawn Reagor, Free & Fair Coalition Vice-Chair. “This proposed initiative has now failed to garner enough support to qualify for the ballot and it failed to get out of committee in the 2017 Legislature because even the most conservative members of that body understood the policy is bad for Montana’s economy, communities, and schools. Montanans made it clear: they will not allow this policy to capitalize on the fears and uncertainties of voters and punish Montana’s transgender and non-binary community.”