Take the Pledge

Transgender Montanans deserve the same basic protections as everyone else – to use public facilities with safety, privacy and dignity. The Montana Family Foundation is collecting petition signatures to put I-183 on the ballot in 2018. I-183 is a dangerous law that would dictate what public facilities someone uses based on the gender marker on their original birth certificate. Any of us could have to prove our gender – anyone could demand to see our birth certificate before allowing access to public spaces, like restrooms.

No Montanan should have their privacy infringed upon or fear for their safety because of who they are. We need more love, respect and kindness and less fear, intimidation and discrimination.

Join Montanans across the state in standing for personal freedom, liberty and neighborliness by pledging to not sign the I-183 petition.

Questions? Send us an email at info@noi183.org